A heraldic tapestry of nature

Rhodes crystalline waters

History, traditions, infinite blue waters and the Rhodian countryside with the traditional aroma of the villages and the lush natural environment make up a spectacular jigsaw puzzle of a holiday.

The seven sons of the sun, worshipped in ancient times as a deity, and the nymph Rhode were the first inhabitants of the island. No wonder, then, the Rhodians made the sun their ultimate protector; a notion that has filtered down the ages, finding its form in the rapturous union of the sun rays and the lush vegetation of Rhodes. Here, the light of Apollo washes over the blue frame of the Aegean, complemented by the deep green of the plains and hills lavished with olive groves, vineyards and plane trees, offering their shade to babbling brooks which spring from the earth beneath.

Borne by the warm seas of the Aegean for centuries, Rhodes has attracted friend and enemy alike, all captivated by its incomparable natural beauty. Greek, Venetian and oriental elements sit side by side, a testimony to its numerous doting inhabitants. Myths, traditions, history, ancient ruins, medieval castles, as well as the mildness of the climate and a diverse and alluring nature has woven a “legend” which you, the visitor, will experience in every step you take on this enthralling island .

The variety of its beaches, each with crystal-clear waters reflecting all the blues and greens of sky and land, has established Rhodes as the ultimate destination for visitors from all over the world. However, there are just as many surprises if you venture inland as well; caves, rivers, forests with rich fauna and flora all contribute to a rich tapestry of sensations. The valley of the butterflies, the seven springs, Profitis Ilias with the rare plant species and Rodini park constitute natural reserves of rare ecological value, the natural habitats of animal and fish species on the brink of extinction, such as the fallow deer (Dama Dama) and the little fish Gizani (Ladigesocypris ghigii). The keen-eyed marine life devotee may also spot the Monachus-Monachus seal and Caretta-Caretta turtle swimming in the sea around Rhodes.

With complete awareness of the ecological responsibility they bear as entrepreneurs of the tourism sector, the people at Sentido Apollo Blue and Apollo Beach Hotel in Faliraki, Rhodes, are committed to minimizing the impact their operation has on the surroundings. By adopting the “green perspective”, they fully meet the environmental targets they set. They achieve this through rigorous and ongoing staff training and adherence to European and Greek legislation, further encouraged by the high praise of several organizations that their efforts have received.

In an enchanting location, with modern facilities and varied activities matched by the warm hospitality of the staff, enjoy the beauty of Rhodes with the conviction that your choice of Sentido Apollo Blue and Apollo Beach Hotel will enhance the image of carefree butterflies keeping colour and diversity in the valleys of our planet.