Time to spread your wings with a special muse, the Aegean island of Tinos. Carpets of golden sands lace the coasts and spring waters create oases between its rugged mountainsides. The locals work with such zeal to honour their little paradise that every village is a masterpiece, with a genuinely warm welcome awaiting you in each.

Aspire to the heights with a rich culture
Stand aloft the rock of Exombourgo and feel the elemental energy of sea, sky and mountain that has inspired a creative urge in the people of Tinos for generations. Legend says that the greatest sculptor of all time, Phideas, lent a hand by passing on his genius and today the chisel is still wielded with the very same flair. See for yourself in the Chalepas Museum and the fascinating Marble School.

Elsewhere, basket weavers spin out folk tales along with strands of wicker; and painters ponder the mystery of the Volax boulders. You’ll soar to a personal epiphany, carried away by this breathtaking landscape dotted with dovecotes and chapels and graced with the Church of The Holy Virgin, and you’ll join the other Tinos Festival goers in a celebration of theatre, dance and visual arts. Find the artist inside and craft the perfect holiday.
Aspire to the heights with a natural challenge
Leap into stunning landscapes to take on nature at her own game. The Tinian island muse throws down the gauntlet when it comes to outdoor activities. She will entice you with water sports like SUP in Kolimpithra, sea canoeing, waterskiing, windsurfing and wakeboarding in Agios Ioannis. Her ancient pathways invite you on treks and her hillsides set a stiff biking challenge. If running is your passion, plot your course from Volax to the main port.

The magnificent rock of Exombourgo puts your abseiling and climbing skills to the test, while landscapes strewn with giant boulders make for what else but a bouldering paradise. Tempted by the big blue? Then dive into a world of shipwrecks and secret caves in Agios Romanos. At dusk, a horseback ride along the beach will round off a day in the great outdoors. With the Tinian muse as your coach, find yourself at one with nature.
Aspire to the heights with a sublime cuisine
Like any self-respecting muse, Tinos doesn’t just sit there looking gorgeous, but offers her people a bounty of natural produce. Join in the Food Paths celebration and you too will fall under the spell. Always receptive to new ideas, local cooks radiate confidence in their repertoire. They know that some products can never be parted from the island: capers and artichokes are so popular they even have their own festivals! Sun-dried tomatoes, aubergines, magical cheeses, sausages, a special omelette and cured meats that take up to a month to prepare all form a part of this culinary cornucopia. They use wild fennel, shamrock and thyme for extra pizazz and they even make their own beer! So, what are you waiting for? In the convivial company of the muse, sit at the island’s table of natural delights and savour the flavour.

Aspire to the heights with enchanting hospitality
The radiant charm of Tinos is bound to bring you closer together. Looking for a holiday to fan the flames of passion? The Tinian muse can put a little romance into your summer. On the beach at Stavros, enjoy a blazing crimson sunset. At Lichnaftia, dance in the moonlight. As you stroll, hands entwined, you will feel the island’s special brand of intimacy; the muse leading you both to enjoy all the sights and aromas to the full. This is an island overflowing with the light of artistic inspiration; the Chalepas Museum, various specialist galleries, beautifully carved dovecotes, romantic arches and the splendor of The Church of The Holy Virgin all make your stay an enchanting one. As for the evenings, share a candlelit meal for two in the restaurants of Panormos. Rekindle love’s spark with a little help from the Tinian muse.
Aspire to the heights with authentic
family moments
A natural grace to bring a smile to every generation.
Travel to Tinos with the family and the island muse will work her magic on all of you. You will practice the art of relaxation on organized beaches such as Kionia while your little ones can scamper safely between the sands and clear shallow waters. With plenty of child-friendly hotels, your days will be packed with smiles and from Orthodox and Catholic churches side by side, you’ll get an added sense of togetherness. Beneath the rocky fortress of Exombourgo, dream up your own myths; around the meteor-like boulders of Volax, be astronauts setting foot on a distant planet. When it’s time to enjoy an ice cream, you can all retreat to a picturesque village such as Skalados or Pyrgos, where the Marble Museum is also a must for any budding artists. Watch your children’s eyes light up, spellbound in wonder.
Aspire to the heights of the muse and it be your guide to making your holidays into a work of art. Well, Tinos is now yours to enjoy, spurred by its eternal intoxicating beauty and its unceasingly ingenious inhabitants, you too can create your own holiday masterpiece, guided by your very own Aegean muse.
Evocative landscapes, lively traditions and a relaxed atmosphere:
Ηigh-quality holidays on the island of balance and harmony.