A unique beachside house complex has been completed at the southeast side of Peloponnese, Greece, in Neapoli, Laconia and 115 kilometers from the famous Sparta city. Within five adjacent land areas ranging from four to seven acres, an equal number group of houses has been constructed; a total of 19 maisonettes ranging from 80 to 132 square meters, all available on demand for sale.

The office of I. & G. Simos has built contemporary homes of high architectural and aesthetic standards, with clear lines, plain yet distinctive luxury and low environmental output highlighting the magnificent location and addressing potential residents with high expectations.

The exterior design exerts materials such as stone and wood, in total harmony with the surrounding environment thus strengthening the feeling of a true holiday home; the interior design satisfies all contemporary residential needs emphasizing on quality and functionality.
The residential complex includes houses in three basic types with some variations among them. All residences are developed in three levels which are connected by internal staircases. Each house’s main entrance is on the second level, whereas one can also have outdoor access from the first level. All homes have big roofed terraces on the second level; terraces can also be found on the third level of house types 2 and 3. Every home has its separate courtyard and garden, in addition to the open public space in which the entire complex has been developed, thus maintaining direct contact with the natural environment.

Neapoli Lakonias, 23055, Neapolis, MONEMVASIA
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