Variety Cruises


 Variety Cruises is the largest Small Ships Cruise Company World-Wide with a fleet of over 11 fully owned vessels offering you a total yachting experience. With sizes varying from 4 to 36 cabins, our private yachts and small ships allow our passengers to visit well-known destinations or to discover unique and more private ports of call in a private, convivial and relaxed environment. Fine cuisine, with a strong local flavour, exciting itineraries blending well known ports of call and less known gems of Greece, Turkey and the Adriatic and personalized service have positioned the company as the choice for an ever growing number of cruise goers looking for a small ship cruise experience. 


 If you are looking for that special touch of private yachting, with discreetly attentive service and relaxing contemporary sophistication, the Variety Cruises is the right choice for you. From the most lively and cosmopolitan to the most peaceful and pristine port of call, we offer you a truly unique opportunity to savor the great cultural, architectural, historical and natural diversity of Greece, the Adriatic and Turkish Coasts. 


 Our ships take you to smaller, more authentic ports, with shore landings in remote locations. The combination of famous with off-the beaten-track is key, and it’s made possible because of the small ship size (i.e., well known Mykonos paired with Folegandros, also known as the “Secret Santorini”.) Fewer countries are visited allowing a more in-depth experience of the cultures, the communities and the cuisine. Our yachts usually dock right in the village ports, where guests can walk on and off the ship at their own pace. No massive cruise ports; we opt for private yacht ports all the way. 


 Beautifully appointed boutique-style accommodations all have outside large windows or portholes. Modern amenities include the latest technology and en suite bathrooms. 


 Our yachts have inside and outside dining areas, spacious sun deck, a swimming platform, lounge areas, a bar and multiple observation decks and some have a spa. 


 With a crew-to-passenger ratio of 1-to-2, service is about as personalized as it can get. By the first day you’ll find yourself on a first-name basis with the captain and the crew. On the ground, local reps are your personal ambassadors to every region. 

Facilities and Services

 Think intimate, casual meals including delicious local recipes. Variety Cruises chefs restock the pantries on a daily basis from local markets with fresh goods. Many itineraries are half board—breakfast and one meal—depending on the schedule, encouraging guests to explore the culinary offerings ashore. Why rush back to the ship for a free meal and miss out on the local cuisine and culture? 


 Vegas stays in Vegas: Variety Cruises offers a fancy Captain’s dinner, local cuisine night with local dances, daily lectures, a library room, free Internet, delightful daily swim stops, ample sun deck space and more for an enjoyable on board stay. Onshore, naturalists and on board experts help you explore the region through lectures and discussions. 


 Your captain will drop anchor next to beautiful secluded beaches or coves, where you can dive right off the yacht from our modern swimming platforms. Hint: our pool is actually the Aegean Sea! 


 Cuisine means more than food. Cuisine means immersing ones-self in the local traditions, ingredients, tastes, and experience. We combine the best ingredients made locally available, with our pre-selected menus designed by our internationally acclaimed head chefs. Our guests expectations are exceeded with our Mediterranean based, yet locally influenced cuisine, with the informal freedom of upscale restaurants with a touch of home-sweet-home. 


 Shore excursions are composed of small intimate groups—no waiting in line. Guests have ample leisure time at each of the ports and are encouraged to explore on their own, with the cruise director’s full help and guidance. 

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