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Blue Star Ferries, member of Attica Group, is a company with a modern and elegant fleet that takes you to Greek islands, offering a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Responsibility and reliability meet comfort and elegance, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience.

Blue Star Ferries, the company who changed the conditions of travel in the wider area of the Aegean, travels all year round to the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the islands of the North-Eastern Aegean and Crete, with 9 modern vehicle and passenger ferries (Blue Star 1, Blue Star 2, Diagoras, Blue Horizon, Blue Star Paros, Blue Star Naxos, Blue Star Delos, Blue Star Patmos, Blue Galaxy). They provide local communities with vital transportation links and facilitate tourism, thereby improving the quality of life of people on Greece’s islands.

The Blue Star Ferries Greek Domestic Lines are:

It is worth noting that Attica Group has strengthened its fleet with the addition of 2 newly-built state-of-the-art vessels, Blue Star Delos in 2011 and Blue Star Patmos in 2012. This investment is part of Attica Group’s ongoing endeavour to offer high-level transportation services with new high-speed vessels, so contributing to the development of the islands.

Blue Star Ferries, is a modern and luxurious fleet and a company that best understands the meaning of a convenient and enjoyable trip. Your holidays begin the moment you step aboard Blue Star Ferries, as they perfectly combine comfort and elegance with responsibility and reliability. Blue Star Ferries vessels possess the necessary expertise and know well how to turn every voyage into an unbeatable experience. As you are n board, you can enjoy all the services, which are at your disposal.


Facilities and Services

Travel with Blue Star Ferries because ... your holiday begins on board!

 We invite you on a pleasant and enjoyable trip. The ships in the Βlue Star Ferries fleet offer comfort and stylish design accompanied by high-level services for a unique on-board experience.

Retire to your cabin or relax in the indoor and outdoor bars on our ships, which offer a variety of snacks, refreshing fruit juices, tempting desserts, coffee or alcoholic drinks.  For a meal, visit our a la carte, self service or Goody’s fast food restaurants.

Go shopping on board for jewellery, cosmetics, travel accessories and clothing, as well as products with the Blue Star Ferries logo. Go online with a wi-fi card and even withdraw cash from the ship’s ΑΤΜ.

Blue Star Ferries transports you to the beautiful Greek islands, offering comfortable and enjoyable trips.


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