sailing to miloss kleftiko
Φώτης Κοκοτός από Φώτης Κοκοτός

Sailing to Milos's "Kleftiko"

Circumnavigating the island of Milos is one of the many trips every sailor should add to their itinerary when cruising around the Greek islands of the Cyclades. Milos has as enormous variety of geological formations, which create many different kinds of beach with many different colours and shapes, both on shore and under water. One of those formations is "Kleftiko", at the south-western tip of the island. Spending a night anchored at Kleftiko is an experience to behold, as the sun is seen through openings in the vertical limestone cliffs setting in the endless blue of the Mediterranean. After dark, a dip into the waters affords the galactic experience of fluorescent plankton shimmering at every stroke, a sight to behold in memory for ever.