symi island is the land of love
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Symi island is the land of love

On my deep belief to feel the flavor of the country can only be visited in the most remote corners, which preserved the customs and the traditional way of life. For Greece the most picturesque corners I would call small Islands in the Dodecanese archipelago... A small island called Simi, which is located in the vicinity of Rhodes, is the ideal holiday destination for lovers dreaming of peace and seclusion. Almost every day from Rhodes Mandraki port ferry, which is two hours takes tourists on the amazing island under the name of Symi. From a distance it looks great colourful mosaic: a yellow-brown, orange, blue and white, and even green buildings of the XIX century, if painted by the artist-avant-gardist, reflected in the glistening blue of the Aegean sea and delighted the eyes of all visitors. Here is a great place to be photographed on the background of many boats, ships and yachts.