Beautiful island of Syros in Greece

Make this summer outshine all the others and head for the true originals, supreme, sublime and so absolutely Aegean.

An enduring gift of light

The gods of ancient Greece blessed a corner of the Mediterranean Sea, making it miraculously blue and then sprinkling this shimmering cerulean carpet with precious diamonds. Better known and, even better, loved as the Aegean Islands, they eclipse all rivals, casting a light of such immeasurable brilliance that they leave the rest well and truly in the shade.

The original shine

As true to their nature and tradition as they have always been, they will light you up too and add a dash of sparkle and pizazz from the moment you get off the boat right up till to the time you must tear yourself away. Their grace is effortless and elevating.

Breathe in the fresh sea breezes, gaze into limpid waters, marvel at stunning landscape you’ll find difficult to match anywhere else on the planet. Its people are charming and open-hearted; such genuine hospitality that always leaves you wanting more.

Settle on the sublime

The colours that melt your heart

Do you dream in colour? Well, there’s no better place to start than in the Aegean islands.

Sprung from the fertile imagination of the ancient gods, they are bestowed with the copious gifts of nature and rare beauty. They dance, fleet of foot, all consummate grace, across the spectrum. Sky and sea convene to conjure shifting shades of piercing blue, dazzling whites of Cycladic cliffs and houses sashay along the horizon, vivid primary tones embolden the ports of the Dodecanese, luscious greens lavish the landscape, mountains preen and brood by turns in silver, grey and black and beaches everywhere roll out a carpet of pure gold to convey you to the water’s edge.

The islands are all about colour and colour is all about them. Their allure will never dim, their palette is second to none, as will be your very next holiday here in the Aegean. As islands go, truly the pride of the collection.

Pin your colours to the mast

Beaming to perfection

You’ll know you’ve reached the pinnacle. Legend has it the gods themselves crafted the Aegean islands. Well, you too can be part of the legend. Experience unparalleled, unrivaled, unbelievable beauty.

For years now, their fame has shone, their radiance lit up millions of holidays and brought a smile to the faces of all their visitors. And they wait to work their magic on you. They do this simply by being themselves, forever as nature intended. A panoply of colours dazzling in the sunlight, yelps of joy as you take the first dive; even a refreshing bite of watermelon; all sheer perfection, absolute Aegean.  Each of the islands possess an effortless poise, an effervescent, elevating and inexhaustible personality; landscapes, architecture, people sparkle like priceless jewels.

They’ve been the stars of the show, the rightful headliners for so long and their lustre remains undiminished. They grab your attention from the moment you set eyes on them and then you’re hooked: the indisputable number one show-stoppers of the Aegean.

Forever yourself, glitter with the prize

Aegean islangs Like no other

Like no Other