With its distinctive pace and special vibes charging the everyday life of its residents and visitors, Athens remains active all year round, always ready to grant their every wish.

The capital reveals its multidimensional character and welcomes families in places that fire the imagination, offer valuable moments of respite to parents and give the whole family the opportunity to have fun together.

The green side of Athens

The National Garden is close by, waiting for you and the family to spend hours under its cooling canopy of dense trees and shrubs. Your tiny botanists will find rich flora to excite their interest and there are ancient ruins for little archaeologists to explore. When you need a break, there is a playground where the youngsters’ games can continue uninterrupted while you can grab the chance of a little rest.

A walk around the museum

The Acropolis Museum turns a tour round its numerous exhibits into a fascinating fun-packed odyssey with a series of programmes and activities for the whole family. And since, as you well know from personal experience, a day out with the kids requires organization, you can choose the right programme depending on your children’s age and the time you want to spend there. If you intend to stay long, the best choice is “Family Backpacks”. It is an Indiana Jones-style  treasure hunt amongst the exhibits, an exciting challenge for young and old alike. And then there’s always the Acropolis itself, one of the world’s most iconic ancient monuments, waiting next door.

For aspiring astronauts

Do you remember from your school years the thrill of gazing into a night sky teeming with stars or visiting your local Planetarium to marvel at the heavenly bodies? The fascination with outer space is just as strong in a whole new generation of pupils. However, your children do not need to wait for the next school trip to experience the magic. You can go to the Planetarium of the Eugenides Foundation together and this will give you the chance to enjoy first-hand the absolute amazement on the faces of your little ones. Sit back and enjoy all together a three-dimensional journey to the vastness of the universe. The children are going to love it. And so are you!

Allou! Fun Park
Always great value  in entertainment, with its two separate parks: Allou! for older children, teenagers and “restless” adults, and Kidom. Kidom is the biggest fun park for children in Greece and it will charm the whole family with endless rides and fun. The kingdom of the little ones is equipped with a series of unique, imaginative rides that will drive them crazy with excitement! And since wild fun is invariably accompanied by the familiar cries of “Mommy, I’m hungry!”, in Kidom you will find delicious food and mouth-watering snacks. Dreamed up by some of the best international designers, Kidom of  Allou! Fun Park welcomes children into environment full of rip-roaring, yet safe, adventure.   

Athens is waiting to show you its playful mood. In turn, you can show off the smile of your children. Take the family and enjoy the city to the full!