Governor Palace in Rhodes

As if the allure of its natural beauty were not enough, the architectural masterpieces gathered on Rhodes add another dimension to your holidays, enriching them with history, aesthetics and dreams of times gone by.

Live the complete Rhodian experience by enjoying what nature has to offer as well as a transcendental cultural journey through its remarkable buildings.

Settlers, conquerors and locals
Τhe numerous peoples that inhabited the island came to be here under different guises: indigenous, colonists or conquerors. However, no matter the guise, the impact Rhodes had on them was pretty much the same. This gorgeous island won them over and they all wanted to leave their mark on the island they cherished so much. And, of course, no mark is more permanent than architecture. Thus, Rhodes today constitutes a living time machine which can transport the traveler to any era they wish through its buildings.

Medieval charm, oriental opulence and Italian finesse
Those fortunate enough to have walked the cobbled streets of the Old Town, which was recognized as a World Heritage City in 1988, talk about the intense feeling of the presence of the knights exuded by the buildings and the surrounding atmosphere. The Knights of the Order of St John built the fortified town and its most iconic building, the Palace of the Great Magistrate, using different techniques and on a much larger scale than had been prevalent up to that time.

Allow the diversity to cast its romantic attraction over you and take a journey in your mind’s eye straight back to a golden age of chivalry. In the heart of the Old Town and in the form of the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent, another era awaits. Admire the ornate décor and observe how arabesque and neoclassicism combine in order to create an image of the old Ottoman Empire tinged with distinctly European elements.

Almost half a millennium later, Rhodes would fall into Italian hands. Their own architects respected the multicultural tradition of the island and tried to represent it in the new buildings that they erected.

The historic Grande Albergo delle Rose hotel, also home to the famous Casino of Rhodes, one of the most recognizable and impressive buildings on the island, belongs to this first Italian period. The hotel was built in 1927 and its architectural design was a tangible tribute to the Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian lines that adorn the island. Soon its elegance and aestheticism attracted personalities from the international political and artistic scene and its prestige lasted for approximately half a century.

In 2002, the legend of Grande Albergo delle Rose was reborn. The building was totally renovated into a 5 star boutique hotel and invites you to enjoy its ultra-luxurious facilities with a view of the city and the sea. Exquisitely furnished and decorated with objects d’art by famous designers and boasting sumptuous gardens set in grounds right next to the sea, it provides all the amenities its select visitors may require. During their stay, the guests will also have the opportunity to try their luck in the company of international celebrities in the legendary casino.

This summer, live the epic history of Rhodes and allow its unique architecture to whisk you back to bygone days of glory and dreams of heraldry and derring-do.