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With a spectacular Acropolis view

On the most beautiful pedestrian thoroughfares in Athens, Dionysiou Areopagitou St, the boutique hotel AthensWas, part of the ANEMI HOTELS Group, a member of Design hotels, has carved out its own niche when it comes to aesthetics and the impeccable service it offers to its visitors.

The location of the hotel in this most cherished of Attica’s streets is a dream made real for millions of people. Cast your gaze around and take in ancient monuments, buildings, trees, shrubs and even the rocks themselves which form their foundation. Everything you see, in fact, is a testimony to the colourful and glorious history of the land of Attica. The evocative atmosphere entreats you to walk and get better acquainted with the artistry of man and nature around you, not as if you were in a museum, but as part of a living, breathing experience; all the while feeling the formidable presence of Athens’ mythical past and the electricity of the modern city, so palpable you can almost reach out and touch it. 

Luxury on everyday lines
“I like things to hide a mystery, a certain charm, a journey” says the interior designer of AthensWas and owner of Stage Design Office, Mr Stavros Papagiannis, whose aesthetic skills shine through the exquisite lines and refined ambience of the hotel. It is a truly inspired composition of classic and modern, which adeptly captures a sense of timelessness, taking its guests on a journey through the evolution of man and design, utilizing the relative dimensions of space and time to such great effect. The result is a triumph of splendour merging with familiarity, quiet luxury and harmony. There is an essential karma at work here, flowing naturally from a subtle, whispered conversation between marble and wood – with design trends ranging from the 20s to the present day, from every corner of the planet.

More than just a walk
The location of AthensWas offers the visitor the opportunity to see, either on foot or by metro, sites and monuments encompassing the history of Athens.

Step outside the hotel entrance and head for the Acropolis in the footsteps of thousands of ancient Athenians who sang hymns during the Panathenea procession to offer goddess Athena her new veil. Experience your visit as a pilgrimage to a monument where Reason, Beauty and Moderation convene in unison.

Settled beneath the sacred rock, the Acropolis Museum allows you to marvel at unique masterpieces of the archaic and classic period and the renowned Odeon of Herodes Atticus opens its gate to theatre and concert-goers today precisely as it did in antiquity. Arios Pagos, the Ancient Agora, Pnyx Hill, Philopappos Hill are just a few of the other places you will admire on your tour of the Acropolis hill.

And then, of course, there is Thesion, Plaka, Monastiraki, the Psirri area, the shopping street Ermou, the National Garden, Syntagma and the renowned Columns of Olympian Zeus, all places you can visit easily and enjoy on your Athens tour, with AthensWas as your base.

Live the magic as the classic harmonizes with the present day and experience the unforgettable in Athens and AthensWas.