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For most of us, the need for a holiday invariably reflects the need to get in touch with nature, ourselves and our loved ones, to relax and revitalize.

In essence, it is about the primal necessity for rebirth which we witness everywhere in nature. For this reason the architecture, the ambience and the atmosphere of bluegr Hotels & Resorts have been inspired by the four elements of nature with which people have always bonded through an intrinsic, instinctive and often mystical relationship.

MINOS BEACH art hotel is an ultra-luxurious hotel inspired by the sea. Water, the beginning of life, continues to offer moments of rejuvenation and freshness. The sea – always in motion – completely surrounds MINOS BEACH, rendering it, ideal for dreamlike holidays in a highly aesthetic, luxurious environment. 

The air, driving force of all living creatures, is represented by MINOS PALACE hotel & suites, a hotel built to resemble an island. The visitor will have room to breathe there. This is not only a reference to the spacious rooms and premises alone, also to the discreet presence of the staff providing high quality service, to the atmosphere around it, the unobstructed view that liberates mind and vision as well as the carefree sense you will experience on arrival.

A standing tribute to the earth itself, Candia Park village is a faithful replica of a traditional Cretan village. Built with natural materials and stone, the resort retains the sense that the traditional, unspoilt ways of the land are valued and cherished here. You and your family will come closer to the earth, feel its energy and derive vigor from its aura.

If you choose to stay near the city, nature awaits in the form of fire at LIFE GALLERY athens. It is not just the lush vegetation and scent of pine trees which naturally brings a glorious log fire to mind. It is the power of rebirth radiating from the hotel’s ambience and atmosphere. It is the warm hospitality awaiting. Fire is the passion you show every day in your professional life and for which you will find ample room for expression in the ultra-modern business meeting facilities in the hotel. Fire is your insatiable desire for life, beauty and wellness, which will guide you to seek out the high quality spa services of LIFE GALLERY athens.

bluegr Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to providing the ultimate holiday experience and views the visitor with a hospitable “eye” so as to offer them everything necessary in order to rest and recharge. And since the four elements of nature live and act inside and around us, bluegr Hotels & Resorts harnesses and utilizes them towards the achievement of its goal: your total satisfaction.