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The island of the Knights may be associated with luxurious holidays and excellent international gastronomy. However, the people of Rhodes always find a way to keep their traditions alive.

Tradition in Haute Cuisine

Rhodes rises from the sea that unites Europe with Asia and Africa. The island has known many influences during its history. The combination of these influences, the jet set’s love of Rhodes, the land itself and the pride its people take in their cuisine has led to the development of a remarkable gastronomy that experiments with the present while honouring the past.

Global reputation

The traditional cuisine of Rhodes has not gone unnoticed by the international media. The New York Times report: “But some of the most unusual yet simple and delicious food I found was in Rhodes, the large island not far from the coast of Turkey. This food was not obviously modern, but based on a sense of place and on the traditions and ingredients of the island. It’s a rustic cuisine that New York restaurants have yet to discover.”

Rhodes’ specialties

If you want to discover it, do not pass up the opportunity to try some of the delicacies that have stood the test of time. The most widely known is “pitaroudia”, fried croquettes made from onion, tomato and flour, often enriched with other ingredients such as chick peas or mince. The most common side dish is groats, locally known as “pergouri”. It accompanies a wide variety of both meat and fish dishes and is served in even the most luxurious restaurants. “Giaprakia”, a mixture of mince, rice and tomato, wrapped in vine leaves, is a speciality of Lindos.

Gourmet images of Rhodes

The sweet side of the Island of the Knights

If you love sweets, Rhodes has many and most of them have honey as their main ingredient. “Melekouni” is the one that stands out, a sweet served at weddings, made of roasted sesame seeds, thyme honey, whole almonds, orange rind and cinnamon. “Fanouropita” is also common. It is a sweet pie offered in church after the Holy Service as a pledge to Saint Fanourios.

Wine gladdens the heart…

And since a good meal requires an equally good wine, do not forget Rhodes’ long tradition in wine making. There are many local wineries on the island and two large companies, Cair and Emery. Try wine made from the local varieties “atheri” and “moschato” that will perfectly complement your meal. For your special moments, add a little luxury with a bottle of champagne, also made on Rhodes.

ATRIUM luxury hotels, in the most idyllic spots of Rhodes, with their long experience in local and international gastronomy, will be happy to offer you all these traditional delicacies – and many more – in their ultra-luxurious facilities and help you get an insight into the traditional cuisine of Rhodes.

This summer, treat yourselves to exquisite culinary delights with a trip to the island that knows how to harmoniously combine tradition and innovation!