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Grikos Bay, Patmos Island

Summer holidays are the best opportunity for a rest. Combined with wellness treatments administered by experienced hands, you can be sure you will return not only rested but also full of new energy.

Tradition in relaxation

Patmos, this beautiful mystic island, has long attracted travelers seeking relaxation, tranquility and spiritual uplift in the idyllic environment created by clear blue waters, beautifully simple architecture and quiet, inviting beaches. Those who choose to spend their holidays here know that the island of the Revelation offers visitors the bodily, emotional and mental respite they need. However, Patmos, with its deep, true love for the human soul, has yet another great gift in store for its visitors: a breath of wellness in the heart of summer, even more care for the winter-weary body, a new leash of energy for the tired mind.

Replenish your precious energy

The increasing demands of everyday life consume so much of your energy supply that the usual sea and sun holiday may not be quite enough to replenish it. Do you feel you need more vivacity, energy and power, both emotional and physical? The need to enrich your valuable holidays with extra care and wellness is now mandatory.

Relaxation images from Patmos


Care & Wellness

You spend the whole winter dealing with your duties and responsibilities. It is now time to allow yourselves to accept care from experienced hands who know how to look after you in the best possible way. Feel your body rejuvenate through invigorating treatments.  Find out how aromatherapy can heighten your senses. Discover the revivifying force of the water as it embraces you. Relax in locations specially designed to promote a sense of absolute tranquility. Admire the fresh glow you will acquire after a facial treatment prepared exclusively for your skin. And can you imagine anything better for you and your partner than the bliss of a good massage with the purest natural products?

Holidays are often brief and always priceless. Only by combining your summer escape with wellness treatments can we guarantee the best results in relaxation and rejuvenation.

In Grikos bay, one of the most picturesque bays in the world, the elegant Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa hotel awaits. Among its ultra-luxurious facilities, you will find Anasa Wellness & Spa, named after the Greek word for breath and offering a cooling, restorative oasis from the summer heat. The specially trained, experienced staff are ready to offer you all the treatments mentioned above in rooms full of all the latest state-of –the-art equipment and decorated in order to maximize the total relaxation experience that you crave and certainly deserve.

This summer, your holidays are the ideal opportunity for a real breath of wellness.