Ruins ancient temple Lindos

In SENTIDO Apollo Blue Hotel and Rhodes myth blends with reality to conjure a magical dimension to your holidays.

According to ancient Greek Mythology, the gods gifted Rhodes to the Sun god and ever since then, the island has been generously offering its beauty to man. There are myriad colourful tales spun about the island, including one of Apollo, whose temple rests on the Acropolis of Rhodes. It is said that the nymph Daphne went to such great lengths to spurn his amorous advances that she turned herself into a laurel tree!

Follow in the footsteps of the Greek gods on Rhodes and SENTIDO Apollo Blue Hotel, the hotel complex in Faliraki, Rhodes, where the ancient Greek character shines through everything, from its contemporary design, inspired by Minoan architecture, to the welcome you will receive as you step through its doors. True  to the principles of hospitality rigorously upheld by Zeus Xenios, we will greet you with the warmest smile and offer you every possible comfort to make you feel at home in a place epitomizing refined luxury.

Here, the god Eros with his bow and arrow will add new sparkle to your current relationships and give a little nudge to those on the cusp of falling in love. After all, who could resist the romantic atmosphere of a stroll on the hotel beach or a moonlit dinner?

As you enjoy the enchanting view, you will discover in yourself a new sense of optimism and grace. Goddess Aphrodite looks after your beauty as well as your spiritual and physical wellness in the temple of relaxation, the Apivita Spa Apollo Blue. You will enjoy peaceful moments in the hammam baths, the sauna, the Jacuzzi and the indoor pool and you will be amazed at the results of the new, holistic, natural beauty treatments.

As for the flavours, what else could they be other than divine? Based on the Mediterranean diet and inspired by the traditional Rhodian cuisine, the chefs of the hotel create delicious dishes that satisfy even the most discerning of palates. During themed gastronomy evenings you will have the opportunity to wander around sampling a wonderful array of different dishes and distinctive tastes.

With the hotel only 14 km away from the town, it makes for a handy base for getting to know the island, either by exploring its winding cobblestone alleyways with a whiff of medieval mystery in the air, basking in the sun on its alluring beaches or marveling at its historic sights and ancient temples.

Rhodes and SENTIDO Apollo Blue are the gods’ gift to the visitor!

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