A little bit of the world on your plate

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Take a ten-day trip across two continents and immerse yourself in the cultures and the indomitable spirit of their peoples, brightening kitchen, home and communal gathering, anywhere, in fact, that food plays a vital role. Set in the luscious surrounds of the Sani Resort in Kassandra, Halkidiki, Sani Gourmet, now entering its tenth year, welcomes you back to the Silk Road with a select band of Michelin award-winning chefs from China, India, Turkey, Italy, Iran, Greece and, for the first time, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

As any nation’s most eloquent diplomat, a cuisine speaks volumes about its nature’s gifts, customs and history.  You’ve all experienced that moment of exquisite delight when a flavor so rich, so distinctive, so evocative explodes across your palate; whisking you off to a faraway exotic beach, a bustling ancient port, a remote mountain village where the children smile with the innocence of another time. In the hands of a master, the taste experience becomes a window on an ever-changing world, the universal translator rendering words unnecessary. At Sani Gourmet, seeing, smelling and tasting is believing. Its line-up of international artists is genuinely straight out of the top drawer. With skills unsurpassed, they conjure miraculous delicacies in a flurry of utensil-rattling versatility and trail-blazing inventiveness, making it all look so insanely easy. This annual event is precisely what it says on the label; a joyous excuse, if any were needed, for celebration, embellished by a soupçon of self-indulgence.  

It’s a unique opportunity to marvel first hand at the work of these inspired virtuosos blending flavorsome ingredients in their mouth-watering creations, producing a tapestry of influences that capture the essence of their respective homelands.

From the days of the spice merchants, plying their trade along the Silk Road, to the modern traveller, rounding off a perfect summer’s day with a meal lovingly composed with the best of local produce, travel, culture and food have always been inextricably entwined. Once more in the Sani Resort, you are offered the chance through lively discussion and presentations to relish this most literal of melting pots, exchange ideas and forge new templates for culinary innovation. And all this in a paradise with beautiful beaches, divine hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants of impeccable quality, a state-of-the-art marina and incomparable hospitality; a perfect recipe of luxury and sophistication. Simply irresistible!