Sifnos: Fasolou Beach
Sifnos: Seven Martyrs Beach

Sifnos is an island with balanced offerings, something very obvious in the wide choice of beaches available, each with its own special atmosphere to cater to all tastes.

Popular sandy beaches, low-key pebble bays, rocky ledges opening out to dive from, remote tiny bays to explore with a private yacht – all are worth discovering. 

Sandy beaches

Sifnos’ sandy beaches include Platys Gialos, the island’s most popular and largest beach; Vathy, with its settlement and small tavernas; Kamares, awarded a Blue Flag for its clean waters; Tsopos, with the traditional pottery workshop; Faros, Glyfo and Fasolou, three beaches fanning out of the Faros settlement; and the picturesque fishing village of Cherronissos, in the north, with a beach of the same name.

Rocks & pebbles

Rocky beaches may not be very comfortable-sounding, but they can always offer fun times and beautiful vistas, as happens on Sifnos. At the village of Epta Martyres (Seven Martyrs), with the photogenic chapel of the same name, the setting is enchanting, as is Panagia Chryssopigi (Virgin of the Golden Source) with its natural seating of rocks. Saoures, with its pebble beach, is nearby. Seralia is a tiny and beautiful little bay with pebbles that can be precede an afternoon walk to the Castle, while at Lazaros bay there is a full beach bar set-up.

Sifnos: Platis Gialos Beach

Visiting by private yacht

Sifnos’ coast is full of bays and baylets that lend themselves ideally to exploration by private yacht, either by your own or by the local transportation boats.

The less populous beaches like Fykiada (accessible on foot also), Vlychada, Tsocha, Vroulidia and the isolated Yialoudia, as well as Artimoni in the northern part of the island are also enjoyable.

In the south, the remote islet of Kitriani is well-known to amateur fishermen, as is its chapel of Panagia tis Kitrianis, the oldest of Sifnos’ 235 chapels.

Besides its own beaches, Sifnos is an ideal stepping stone to other islands, like nearby Polyegos, Antiparos, Kimolos and Milos, only a few of several islands available for a day’s excursion.