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Dine al fresco on the Mega Yacht Harmony V with views to sugarcube villages

Holidays for seafarers with the comfort of a cruise

Whether you are familiar with the copious delights of the Cyclades or this is your first visit, yacht cruising is the ideal way to really get up-close and personal with these much loved Aegean islands. Combine the luxury of a cruise with the adventurous spirit and familiarity a smaller vessel inspires and take a fresh look at the Cyclades.

Experience whatever you want, wherever you want

Small luxurious cruise boats can dock even in the smallest of harbours, giving absolute freedom to the passenger to choose for themselves when and how many times they will get on and off the vessel.

This flexibility leads to a further advantage: a wide range of destinations. The Cyclades are famous for their luxury, cosmopolitan character and beauty, with the added attraction that they have numerous wondrous secrets just waiting for you to discover; secluded beaches, remote coves and natural wonders that can only be accessed by yacht. So, if you want to spend your morning enjoying a solitary swim on Polyegos and your evening having fun with a glass of champagne in the stylish bars of Mykonos, yacht cruising is ideal for you.

Making friends, the nautical way

The small number of passengers is one of the best things about yacht cruising. It is not just the air of exclusivity it adds to the cruise, the excellent service and personalized care provided, but also that wonderful feeling of familiarity that builds up amongst passengers and crew. You will soon be on first name terms with everybody as you share with them unforgettable experiences and moments to treasure long after you are back on dry land. The joy of spending time in good company is, after all, what any Greek summer is really all about.

The joys of discovery

The excitement and wonder of taking to the water is matched only by the enticing selection of destinations which are part and parcel of every trip, all incredible and intriguing places in their own right.  For this reason, besides the organized shore excursions and guided tours, you are given ample time to explore by yourselves. Walk along the famous alleys of the Cyclades, discover hidden corners, enjoy the summer aura and sample the gastronomic microcosm of the islands! And afterwards, when on board, compare your discoveries with those of your fellow travellers over a bottle of wine, gazing out at the Aegean and, if you are lucky, admiring dolphins splashing around its crystal clear waters.

Variety Cruises offers you the ultimate yacht cruising experience, designed to give you the trip of a lifetime! What are you waiting for? Get up on deck and fall in love with the Cyclades!