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Discover the magic of a relaxing holiday at Sani Resort

Aromatherapy, hammam, spa, massage, rejuvenating drinks made from natural herbs, and treatments using products made from natural ingredients, in a magical setting of sandy beaches, pine-studded coastlines, emerald water, sun, and discreet luxury. Here in Halkidiki, one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in Greece, the body is in complete harmony with the soul, and holidays are sculpted with the essence of dreams: tranquility, privacy, wellness and rejuvenation combine with the beauty of nature, giving spa lovers the opportunity to be pampered in a relaxing and luxurious environment.

Amidst the dreamy landscape, the sandy beaches and lush vegetation, you’ll be given the opportunity to discover the high-end service of these luxury hotels and resorts: relax your body and soul, find the balance that will ensure your peace of mind, treat yourself to everything you deserve. You are in the land that embodies the ancient saying: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. Seize the opportunity: relax and indulge in the pleasure provided by Sani Resort


In a private area of 4,500 sq metres with a view of Mount Olympus and the crystal-clear water of the Aegean, an exciting and invigorating holiday destination awaits like a modern oasis. Sani Resort, with three modern and luxurious spas, introduces you to its new philosophy of rejuvenation, relaxation and spiritual balance. In a natural environment whose beauty surpasses all expectations, you’ll discover a high quality wellness experience while enjoying the luxury and quality of services of Sani Resort’s services.

Surrender to the ultimate relaxation experience through the treatments of the famous French wellness company Anne Semonin, that meets your skin’s specialised needs. Travel to the peaceful world of nature’s aromas, in Sani Resort’s unique wellness spaces, with the aim of leaving completely refreshed and renewed. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy rejuvenation treatments by qualified and experienced therapists who are capable of satisfying even the most demanding clients. And if exercising is the ideal way to start your day, the gym offers everything you need. Continue your day with a relaxing steam bath, enjoy the sauna or Jacuzzi or take a dip in one of Sani Resort’s luxurious heated pools. 

Listen to the needs inside of you, treat yourself to a holiday devoted to peace and balance, and emerge glowing from the treatments that will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul!