The Celestyal way to a holiday of a lifetime

Celestyal Cruises brings you the culture, cruising and hospitality of the Greek Islands and East Mediterranean even before you reach their shores.

Get the right bearings to see, experience, taste and enjoy the best a cruise has to offer
A whole world of pleasure, discovery and exploration at sea and on land with a plethora of destinations and abundance of options for entertainment. The Celestyal Inclusive Experience with all meals on board, all-inclusive drink packages, diverse experiences while you ‘re on board as well as selected meticulously planned shore excursions creates the most memorable cruise ever.

Whether you are an old hand or a raw novice when it comes to cruises, the “Celestyal” way of doing things is bound to leave a lasting impression. Everything, from the size of the cruise liner-just right for getting to all those wondrous destinations that other companies cannot reach- to the tiny details that go into creating that cozy, contented feeling you get in the privacy of your cabin, such as towels being folded into the shapes of your children’s favourite animals, it has all been thought out for you in advance so you can enjoy every precious moment of your holiday.
Mapped out for a star holiday
Whether you wish to devote a week to cruising with the well-loved and established 7-day options or you prefer to pack everything into 3 or 4 days, Celestyal have the way. They have everything mapped out already to make a star turn of your trip whatever the length. The Celestyal Inclusive Experience with 3 and 4 day cruises allows for up to two destinations a day with most of the sailing done at night while carefree travelers are either enjoying the on board entertainment or charging up their batteries for the next day, knowing that they will wake up to a brand new view from their cabin window.
Local knowledge and love of the authentic
Celestyal literally know the Greek Islands like the back of their hand and they couldn’t be happier or prouder to share their love and knowledge with you. With over 9 destinations varying from the most cosmopolitan, like romantic Santorini and swinging Mykonos, to the most serene, like spiritual Patmos and historic Knossos, your every wish for variety will be granted.

Destinations are, in fact, carefully picked to satisfy every taste and ensure the traveler gets to experience the spectacular diversity of each authentic port-of-call. On every single excursion, you will be in the capable and caring hands of a local guide, who will lead you through and let you truly ‘live’ the most authentic aspects of their home. The choice, the intimacy and the privilege of having the real Greece revealed to you all go to make up the allure of the Celestyal way.

Celestyal times on board
Making the most of it in every way possible is the guiding philosophy behind every Celestyal cruise. Therefore not a minute is wasted on anything else but allowing you to enjoy and immerse yourself in every aspect of the culture, history, music and cuisine of the place you are heading to or have just left behind. The experience continues and is enriched on board with events and activities inspired by the destinations themselves. An all-inclusive experience, including even gratuities in the final price of your ticket, so that you can stick to your vacation budget and enjoy your cruise up until the end.

Starting with the gastronomy, which Celestyal is rightfully proud of, authentic Greek dishes with local recipes and ingredients will satisfy your appetite after experienced dance instructors have initiated you into traditional Greek dances like Sirtaki. To round it all off, genuine Greek entertainment awaits to light up the night ahead, guaranteed to send you off to bed with a smile on your face and your head overflowing with images of the excitingly authentic Greek day you have just experienced.

The Celestyal way to a holiday of a lifetime
It’s safe to say that on board a Celestyal cruise every traveller gets treated like an honoured guest. You can let the friendly crew take care of everything. All that remains for you is to enjoy the Mediterranean way of hospitality, find your way to the perfect cruise, the Celestyal way.