Unlock the feeling that lives with you forever
Imagine hearing a song that instantly reminds you of being in Greece. All those holiday memories sweeping in like waves on an Aegean beach… The food, the mood, the people, the amazing scenery. All those times you went, ‘Oh My Greece!’. Well how about we unlock that feeling right now?
Inspiration everywhere you look
The sun’s high in the sky, the spring flowers are out and you’ve just hit the sweet spot you’ve been craving. Finally, you’re on your city break and deep into your novel. Could it get any better? And that’s when you look up and there it is, above, you… the Acropolis, a symbol of inspiration for so many generations before you. Now that’s what you call me time.
Nothing but me, you and the kids!
Fun, fun, fun! That’s what family beach holidays are all about. And maybe meeting some of the locals. Two-footed, four-footed? Doesn’t really matter when you’ve found the perfect little cove and it’s nothing but you and the kids! 🚸🐐🐐
When’s the last time you did this together?
Remember when the two of you used to fool around all the time? When, no matter what you were up to, it always seemed to end in giggles? Well guess what happens when you take an S.U.P and add the most romantic sunset you could imagine and the late-evening stillness of the Aegean Sea? Just because they call it a Stand-up-Paddleboard doesn’t mean one of you will be left standing!
When you’re invited to lunch,
dive right in!
How do you pour your extra-virgin olive oil when you’re back home? You drizzle it, right? Well what about if you’re having lunch in a Greek village square? There’s laughter and banter all around you, and the most amazing Mediterranean tastes spread across the table. And that’s when you get the invitation that stays with you forever. Take a chunk of bread, you’re told, and drunk it right into the golden olive oil in the Greek salad. Pure bliss!
When the stars align over dinner
Every meal seems to be a celebration around here. Imagine it’s dinnertime now and you’re still on the beach. You look down and there’s sand under your feet and then up at the stars lighting the night sky. There’s local music playing and, before you know it, you’ve been swept off your feet by the neighbours. You’ve never met them before and you definitely don’t know the dance moves… but somehow you’re moving in perfect harmony. Now that’s a feeling.
New friends, old-school fun
Safety, friendship, trust. What more could you want if you turn up to the beach and compete with the local kids for the “splashiest” dive ever? Let the grown-ups go and do their thing. This is what it means to be free.
Nature that makes you go WOW!
Time to get out and discover the countryside now. You’ve read about this great gorge that every nature-lover just has to experience. So you set out and, it’s true, it’s really special. That’s when you get a tap on the shoulder and it’s a local who loves the outdoors just as much as you. The difference is that he knows exactly where you should be looking right now to make you go WOW!
Shhhh, listen!
You won’t believe your ears
And it’s not just your eyes that are in for a treat. You’re bound to bump into a shepherd on your travels. His eyes twinkle and he says just two words. Well, one-and-a-half, really. “Shhhh, listen!” This is when you really notice the sounds of the countryside… the cicadas chirping, the wind rustling, the sea swishing… and your mind’s transported to that special place where you’re truly free to dream.
Unlock the feeling that lives with you forever
So many memories, so many emotions. No wonder we’re all left with the feeling of wanting to return when we leave Greece. So don’t just re-live the memory. Can you imagine what’s going to be your next “Oh My Greece” moment?