The Style Legend
The Grande Albergo delle Rose and the Casino Rodos

On the already legendary island of Rhodes, the prestigious hotel and casino offers a winning hand of glamour, thrills and a sprinkling of nostalgia that befits this enchanting setting.

The pride of the island
Legend and Rhodes are inseparable; the mythical Colossus, the mysteries of the knights, beaches glittering like gold in perpetual sunshine, crystalline waters and emerald hills and valleys. In 1927 another vital, emblematic element was added to the splendid array. To this day, the hotel Grande Albergo delle Rose has taken pride of place on the seafront of the main town with a guest list that means you’re likely to rub shoulders with international celebrities within its sumptuous interior or eponymous, fragrant rose garden. 

Dubbed “The Dream of the East”, its architects deliberately borrowed from Byzantine, Arabian, Ottoman and Venetian influences to represent to stunning effect the unique nature of the island as a cultural crossroads. It became a legend in its own right and now shines brighter than ever as a magnet for the rich and famous. Its design has been tweaked to highlight its simple elegant lines and more modern aspect, yet there is no mistaking its spell-binding heritage as you step across the threshold. If you’re aiming to turn on the style and combine incredible luxury with scintillating entertainment, you’ve just hit the jackpot!

Stellar nights
A star-studded line up of home-grown and international singers, dancers and musicians provide the perfect accompaniment to a sparkling night. There are also special themed festivities often to celebrate a particular country’s culture or cuisine. And talking of dining, the hotel boasts an incredible selection of bars and restaurants with names reflecting the different moods they create; La Rosa, Amphitheatre, Garden Café, the funky pool bar Aqua Seaside Cafe, the deliziosa Pizzeria La Bella Italia. Top award-winning chefs conjure up mouth-watering dishes and, with secrets aplenty up their sleeves, prepare to give you unprecedented taste experiences and show off their versatility with recipes from across the globe.
A cut above the rest

The entertainment axis around which your exciting and glamorous holiday revolves is undoubtedly its plush “Casino Rodos”. It is a two-tier apotheosis of amusement. The atmosphere is super-charged and there’s razzle-dazzle and excitement in the swish of every elegant evening gown and the cut of each immaculate tuxedo. Imagine a dapper croupier manoeuvring chips across the velvet with consummate grace; the blur of hand and card of the expert shuffler; a waiter gliding discreetly to your table with your drink. 

Is that Mr. Bond at a table of his own insisting the Martini be shaken and not stirred? You’ve entered the world of the international jet setter, where you’ll always be a winner. The odds are that you are going to have an evening to remember.
Silky slumber
After a magical evening, you will retire to one of the lavishly furnished suites, then awaken to the special island light pouring in your window. The suites vary in size, some even on two levels, but all are spacious and command magnificent views of the sea or city, encapsulating the colour and splendour to which you will become comfortably accustomed. There are Classic, Junior, Grand, King and Queen Suites and the ultimate indulgence, the stunning Imperial Suite, ideal for the most demanding of guests and dignitaries.

As for honeymooners, they have a suite all of their own. Each suite comes with a personal butler to attend to your every need. After years of experience, the hotel has luxury down to a fine art. Apart from all the striking grandeur, they realize that it is the little touches that matter too, like flowers on arrival, goodnight chocolates and DVD player.
Discover your most glamorous and audacious self
You will really raise your game staying and playing in the Grande Albergo delle Rose – Casino Rodos and discover your most glamorous and audacious self. Night and day, it’s totally captivating. From Casino to beach to the maze of medieval alleyways, the fun and games never let up. Whichever way the cards fall, no matter how the ball spins, you’ll always hold the winning hand.

Play the game of glamour with Rhodes’ very own STYLE LEGEND.