Beatiful beach of Elafonisi - Beach in Crete

The contest that takes you to Crete with ΑΝΕΚ Lines

Imagine… you are enjoying the same tastes as the ancient Cretans: olive oil, wheat, wine, honey, herbs, leafy vegetables… have you decided that this year you will just fantasizing about the warm hospitality and delicious Cretan delicacies rather than taste them?

Well, such bliss doesn’t have to remain only in the realms of fantasy because now ΑΝΕΚ LINES can bring Crete closer to you. Upload a photo, a story or a thought about Crete or the journey there or a photo of one of the ANEK LINES vessels at and win free tickets to Crete in the comfort and luxury of the vessels of ANEK LINES.

And as if that wasn’t enough, on the vessels of ΑΝΕΚ LINES you will enjoy real Cretan hospitality and be given the opportunity to have a “first taste” of the hundreds of culinary delights awaiting you on Crete while still on board.

With ANEK Lines restaurants as your starting point, you will have the opportunity to experience the first taste of what’s awaiting you in Crete: traditional Cretan dakos, a variety of Cretan cheeses satisfying all tastes, Cretan kalitsounia, traditional homemade spaghetti and, it goes without saying, a range of select local wines to accompany your meal and give you just that little extra spur to explore the culinary map of Crete.

Naturally, upon your arrival on Crete, a multitude of tasty options will reveal themselves to you:

Staka, delicious cream made of sheep’s milk.

Stamnagathi, a leafy vegetable with a mature, intense taste and packed full of goodness.

Apaki, a choice cut of local pork, marinated in vinegar and smoked over burning herbs.

Hohlii boubouristi, is the, rather difficult to pronounce, name of delicious fried snails with a touch of vinegar and rosemary.

Tsigariasto, lamb or kid, cooked at a very low temperature.

Sfakiani pita, Crete’s most famous pie made with dough and Myzithra cheese, served with honey.

Xerotigana, traditionally a festive treat made of wheat, lemon juice and sugar, it is now available all year round throughout the island.

Moreover, ANEK, always sensitive to the needs of its passengers and reflecting Cretan hospitality, offers tickets starting from €20 through the Super Saver Economy offer and 20% discount through Saver Economy.

Allow ΑΝΕΚ to turn your dream of a trip to Crete into a reality this summer. Join the competition or book your tickets, travel to this enchanting, original land and enjoy traditional flavours and unique aromas!

See you on board! 

The competition we ran as part of the campaign may have finished but our efforts to showcase the Greece we know and love aren’t over.