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Become part of the city scene by speaking Athenian, being an Athenian

Throughout the millennia, ideas and the words to go with them have flowed from the great city of Athens. Its dazzling and versatile citizens, the founders of democracy, have undergone many an evolution in custom and language, always maintaining that characteristic vigorous, lusty spirit. Who wouldn’t want to be one of them, to become a part of this mesmerizing metropolis, to BE AN ATHENIAN?

Today, a beautiful confluence of ancient and modern, vibrancy and splendor, tradition and cosmopolitanism, will leave you breathless, at a loss for something to say. There are times when there are just not enough words; when you first set eyes on the mighty Parthenon, when music and laughter energize the ravelling alleyways of Plaka, when you feast on the Mediterranean’s famous life-affirming cuisine. All these moments and more will leave you craving the right words to fit with what you see and feel.

For this very reason, an exciting, sparkling new vocabulary has arrived on the scene; one to grab your attention and fire your imagination. It reflects the creative new energies on the move in this contemporary European capital. But it also tips its hat to the city’s richly layered history as a source of inspiration. It makes sense of wanting to BE AN ATHENIAN. And to take up your new citizenship, you must SPEAK ATHENIAN; embrace, use and play with the new language.

Without further ado, head for the BE AN ATHENIAN website imanathenian.com to indulge in a little of your own lexicographical gymnastics and perhaps create a new word or two. Then, download the “Athenian” app to your mobile. This enables you to select any one of the new words which takes your fancy and match it with a photo of an Athens experience from your own gallery or one you’ve taken on the spot. Once you have your own customized poster, you can share it with your friends on social media in order to display your aesthetic skill and demonstrate your appreciation of the city as it’s meant to be. On top of that, by entering your personal details, you’ll have the chance to win a trip to Athens to really set the seal on your new-found connection with the sacred city.

So go on. Your time has come to SPEAK ATHENIAN and BE AN ATHENIAN.

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