Kids in Athens

Walks around archaeological sites, green parks and strolls by the sea for young and old alike.

Sunday has always had a special place in greek culture. it is the day when the family gathers around the table for lunch as well as an opportunity for athenians to do the things they put off during the week. therefore, sunday walks in parks, mountains and seasides is their favourite habit.

The Greek family is tied by strong bonds and, for parents, spending quality time with their children is one of the most important things they can offer them. Sunday is ideal for this purpose and Athens has a lot of places where you can have fun with your kids. A walk and perhaps a picnic in the park will make them particularly happy and bring them in touch with nature. "Antonis Tritsis" Environmental Education & Sensitization Park in Ilion has six artificial lakes where you can feed adorable ducks, lush vegetation and wooden benches where you can lay out your small outdoor meal. Syggrou Forest is one of a few verdant groves in the city, on Kifissias Avenue, ideal for a Sunday escape and a breath of fresh air. You can also go for a walk on Filopappou hill and with a short ascent enjoy the ancient civilization of the city from up high, amongst the many olive trees, as well as Kaisariani Rifle Range Park for a walk in the cobbled stone paths. 

Kids in Athens

For one of the best archaeological walkabouts, start at the bottom of pedestrianized Ermou Street, the bit that starts from Piraeus Street, opposite Technopolis, and visit atmospheric Keramikos, and then the Ancient Agora with the Temple of Hephaestus. Go through the Roman Agora and pause at the Bath-house of the Winds, before you climb the hill to the Acropolis. From there, go down Dionysiou Areopagitou Avenue to end up at the Columns of the Olympian Zeus and Hadrian's Gate.

Kids in Athens

An excursion to Attica Zoological Park in Spata will excite your little ones, as they will have the opportunity to experience for themselves a unique journey to the five continents, through the life of 2000 animals from 350 species.

For non-stop games, visit the theme parks Allou! Fun Park and its neighbouring Kidom in Redi, or the more adventurous – for slightly older kids - Adventure Park in Malakasa. An alternative suggestion is Polymechanon, a new technological theme park right next to Allou! Fun Park with rides based on robotics, informatics and virtual reality. The go-karts in Agios Kosmas guarantee family fun, so long as the kids are old enough to drive them.


A walk by the sea will revitalize you and offer the children the opportunity to get away from the noisy city environment. Walk along Marina Flisvou and grab the chance for a stroll around Glyfada or Piraeus, where you can walk along Marina Zeas, Pasalimani, Mikrolimano and picturesque Kastella.

Finally, you can visit the Parnitha mountain refuge Flambouri run by the Mountain Climbing Club of Acharnes and participate in its various activities. Though very close to Athens, this place is far removed from everyday routine. It gives you the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries in nature, in the unique fir tree forest of Parnitha National Concervation Area. You and your children can hike, take orientation lessons with a theoretical class on compass and map reading as well as engage in a range of activities that develop the idea of team spirit in your little ones.