National Park of Parnassus, Arahova

Sunny days and soft snow at the largest organized ski resort in the country, a destination of unspoilt natural beauty and a village with a lively, cosmopolitan vibe

When the most dazzling winter destination in Greece is comprised of the best ski resort in Greece and a stone-built village with a cosmopolitan ambience, then your trip is bound to be unique. Mt Parnassos and the Livadi plateau: fun in the snow and the perfect winter holiday destination. Arahova boasts a lively nightlife, excellent food and fabulous luxury accommodation. You’ll find guest houses and resorts, suites and villas that combine contemporary design with winter charm and superior service. Ski or spa, coffee or hot chocolate, board games by the fire or a night out on the town? These will be your only dilemmas. Whatever you decide, you’ll enjoy every minute of your holiday.

What to do in Arahova

Cosmopolitan Arahova: a celeb-spotting haven on the slopes
The most cosmopolitan mountain village in Greece has for years been gracing the glossies. Celebrities in après-ski styles, families, couples hand-in-hand, young groups of friends, hikers and nature lovers enjoy their holiday in the number one  winter destination in Greece. In Arahova, you’ll slip off your skiing boots and slide into the bar, then dance till dawn. You’ll enjoy creative cuisine and local cooking that will satisfy even the most hard-to-please palates. Hidden in the narrow alleyways is the village’s rich history. Admire Ai-Giorgis and the famous Time Rock.

Traditional colours and flavours of Central Greece
Cars and people queue on Arahova’s main road, waiting to take home local specialities: formaella (the local cheese) and handmade pasta. The delicious cheese, with a piquant and rich flavour, comes directly from producers in Central Greece and is made traditionally using sheep or goat’s milk. Arahova is also famous for its woven textiles and carpets in vibrant colours.

The most famous ski resort in Greece
From the first snowfall, cool crowds head to Parnassos. Some 22 pistes, from ‘bunny’ to ‘black’, totalling 36km, a snowboard park, an adventure arena, a chalet and shops. This bright winter wonderland, the most glamorous ski resort in Greece, is a magnet for young and old alike.

Games in stylish Livadi
At Livadi, the beautiful plateau above Arahova, the fun and games never end. You’ll rent ATVs, jeeps and head for the muddy trails. You’ll explore the fir forest by horseback and discover some of the most beautiful paths in Greece on foot or by bicycle. And there’s more in the shape of rappel, archery, paintball, fly jumper, speedball. If you work up an appetite after all this activity, excellent tavernas and all-day restaurants await you.

Parnassos National Park: travel to unspoiled nature
Discover wooded ridges, hills and a forest of black pine trees and firs that just seems to go on forever. Along with Olympus National Park, the Parnassos National Park is the oldest in Greece, covering about 35,000 sq m with countless trails and forest roads.

Images of Arahova

Hidden gems of Arahova

National Trail 22: an unforgettable trip
You’ll enjoy any part of this trail you choose to walk along. It’s the only long-distance footpath in Central Greece and its 180km connect Mt Parnassos with Mt Parnitha, above Athens.

‘Unknown’ Parnassos and its secrets
Beyond Livadi and Eptalofos there is a side to Parnassos that remains ‘undiscovered’. Ancient Lilaia and the hamlets of Polydrossos, Amfiklia, Davlia, and Tithorea keep their treasures well-hidden, tempting you to find them during your holiday.

The Panagyraki Of Arahova
The feast of St George, known locally as the Panagyraki of Arahova, is a not-to-be-missed three-day festival starting on April 23rd, celebrating the victory of revolutionary hero, Giorgos Karaiskakis, over the occupying Turks in 1826.

Discover Arahova
ARAHOVA, QUEEN OF WINTER by Marietta Chrousala

"A visit to Arahova in winter (not to mention spring, summer and autumn) is nothing short of a dream!! It’s hard to even imagine it is so close to Athens…"

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