Lake of Kremaston in Karpenisi

Skiing at Velouhi, après-ski in Karpenisi, touring the monuments, and a majestic landscape

Karpenisi has everything: winter sports, modern comforts, entertainment, magnificent mountains, rushing rivers, beautiful gorges, picturesque villages and historic monasteries. On the slopes of the ski resort in Velouhi, families and friends ski, snowboard and play games in the snow. In the monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa, believers bow to the miraculous icon.

In Koryschades, you’ll walk through alleys admiring the traditional architecture, and in Karpenisi you’ll enjoy lively evenings with generous helpings of food and entertainment. In the traditional guest houses, the warm atmosphere is inviting. In the tavernas, you’ll enjoy the tantalising flavours of the local cooking, whose aromas fill the cosy environs, warmed by the flickering fireplaces. Karpenisi and its surrounding villages are undoubtedly an idyllic winter holiday destination. The magic is captivating.

What to do in Karpenisi

Velouhi: a quality ski resort
In Central Greece, the Velouhi plateau is home to one of the largest and most challenging ski resorts in Greece. Spread over 5,500 sq m, at an altitude of 1,850 to 2,000 metres, it boasts 11 slopes and has been operating since 1974. Of these, there is one black trail for experienced skiers and snowboarders. Enjoy playing in the snow with family and friends, while you take in the incredible view.

Karpenisi town:  welcoming and historic
A vibrant town that stays lively all year round, Karpenisi has great hotels, tavernas, shops and sights. Take a walk around the square to see the monuments, the statues of Antonis Katsantonis and Markos Botsaris (heroes of the 1821 Greek Revolution), the church of Agia Triada, the plane trees and icy mountain-water spring. On the main road, Zinopoulou, you’ll find coffee shops, bars, boutiques and shops selling everything you need, from skis to local products.

Traditional Koryschades
This picturesque traditional village will surpass all your expectations. Walk back in time, through this historic settlement’s stone streets, with their well-preserved old homes. In the main square you’ll see the church of Agios Athanasios, built in 1865, and the historic public school from 1901, which now houses the fascinating Museum of National Resistance. Staying at one of the beautiful traditional guest houses at this beloved winter destination is a special experience.

Monastery of Proussos: the miracle-worker
Every year thousands of believers make their way to this historic monastery, one of the most important pilgrimages in Greece, in order to witness and kiss the icon of the Virgin Mary (Panagias tis Prousiotissas), the miracle-worker. According to tradition, the icon was brought here from Proussa (Bursa) in Asia Minor, to protect it from the Iconoclastic purge taking place at that time. It has been said that the silver and gold cover was a donation from Georgios Karaiskakis (a Greek hero during the War of Independence). Situated 300m from the monastery, on a rocky hill, is the elegant Clock Tower.

Images of Karpenisi

Hidden gems of Karpenisi

The panoramic view from Agios Dimitrios
Agios Dimitrios, with its lovely little chapel built in 1886, is very near Karpenisi. The views of the region from this lush hillside, which stretches as far as Velouhi, are spectacular.

‘Always Raining’ canyon
In Central Greece, just a stone’s throw from Karpenisi, the narrow passage of Krikellopotamou, between two mountains, looks like a canyon. It’s a magical place with lakes, waterfalls, caves, dense vegetation and steep cliffs. It’s located at the base of Kaliakoudas and the Platanaki mountains.

Footprints of the Virgin Mary
On the road from Karpenisi to Prousso, not far from the junction for Karitsa, seven markings of white marble on the dark rock can be seen on the slope and have the shape of human footprints. Believers say that they are traces left by the Virgin Mary, from when she brought her icon to the cave.

Discover Karpenisi

"During the summer months it is visited by hikers and climbers because the area boasts a number of impressive mountain peaks and river valleys, which lend themselves to such activity."

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