The town of Parga, Epirus

Parga and Sivota: Private beaches, river trekking and past grandeur under the gaze of a castle on the coast of Epirus

Between the two attractive towns of Parga and Sivota on the coast of Epirus, are mile upon mile of intricate latticework coastline, made up of  tiny bays, sandy and pebbly beaches, green hills and emerald waters. You’ll find water sports and submarine adventures, beach bars, hotels and rooms to let to plan your perfect summer holiday. The postcard imagery is completed by the castle of Parga lording it over shops, restaurants and ouzo bars. Not too far away you can trek down the Acheron River and visit the oracle at the Necromanteion of Ephyra.

What to do in Parga and Sivota

A beach just for you
All you need is a motorboat to discover and enjoy the succession of beaches hidden in the tiny bays between Parga and Sivota. Here are just a few of their names: Ai-Giannakis, Ai-Sostis, Valtos, Kryoneri, Lyhnos, Pogonia, Sarakiniko, Agia Paraskevi, Arillas, Gallikos Molos, Diapori…

The castle of Parga
On the hill above Parga, the castle presides over the entire town. Walking through its vaulted corridors, battlements and gun rooms you’ll become acquainted with its tumultuous history. This impressive attraction was built in the 14th century by the Normans, destroyed by the Ottomans, rebuilt in 1572 by the Venetians and restored by Ali Pasha in 1814. Open all day, it should be high on your list of sights to see.

The island feel of Parga
Parga will make you feel as if you are actually on an island thanks to its waterfront location, picturesque alleys and architecture. The charming town spreads up the hill beneath the castle. In the summer it is very popular and its luxury resorts, rooms to let, restaurants, tavernas, cafes and bars fill up with visitors. None of these are far from the centre, making Parga an ideal holiday destination for all.

The popular resort of Sivota in Epirus
Sivota became famous back in the sixties and various celebrities, such as Guy Laroche, built their summer villas here. It’s time you too discovered this picturesque fishing village whose name means “where the pigs graze” in ancient Greek.

Images of Parga and Sivota

Hidden gems of Parga and Sivota

The Necromanteion of Ephyra
Near the village of Mesopotamos is one of the most exceptional surviving oracles of the ancient world. A must see attraction in the area.

The abandoned village of Vrahonas
On the mountain east of Sivota is a hidden plateau holding the remains of the abandoned but picturesque village of Vrahona, consisting of some 50  ruined stone houses. The remains of a prehistoric acropolis add to the weight of history you’ll feel.

Trekking the Acheron valley
According to mythology, the shadowy spirits of the dead inhabited this valley. With Hermes and Charon as their guides, they would be led down the Acheron River and across Lake Acherousian to Hades. Nowadays, the only thing beckoning you down the same river is the call of an untamed wilderness, ideal for trekking. You’ll start this unforgettable holiday experience at the village of Glyki, about 40km from Igoumenitsa.

perfect day at river acheron

"Death led souls to their last resting place, taking them silently across the river Acheron to this land of shadows. Given such macabre associations, you might be surprised to learn that this river turns out to be a secret paradise on earth."

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