You can always count on the west of Greece to spring a wonderful surprise. Dare to stretch the frontiers of your dreams with this alluring holiday proposition.

Mountain and sea view for your attention to stunning effect; there is always a different view around the corner. It offers moments of fun as well as tranquility and with its plethora of sights, it will win your heart and stir your senses. The birthplace of heroes, all role models for future generations, it is a region where the humanitarian spirit has, on countless occasions, transcended lines of division and united peoples and cultures. A part of Greece that combines the magnificence of its past with the face of the 21st century, it meets, through the diversity of its destinations, all the conceivable needs of a family on holiday. It is also perfect for romantic escapes as well as activities in the heart of nature for moments of wellness and revitalization.

You can always count on the west of Greece to spring a wonderful surprise with an alluring holiday proposition. Combining mountain and sea, moments of tranquility, not to mention fun and a plethora of sights, it will win your heart and stir your senses.

Along with the offer of sandy beaches cooled by azure waters, are splendidly defiant mountain peaks, healing waters tumbling through verdant valleys and tranquil lakes and lagoons. All this completes the vision of harmony and balance, an ode to timeless beauty that unravels the cares of the soul.

On a tour of the prefectures of Aitoloakarnania, Achaia and Ilia, you will find yourself enchanted by traditional villages flanked by fir and pine and babbling brooks; enjoying seaside hamlets with more than a hint of  island colour about them; getting immersed in the infectious bustle of its towns, where the light-hearted banter and bartering accompanies the shopping experience in much the same way it has done for centuries, and finally marvelling at its archaeological treasures, museums, castles and monasteries. All the elements that constitute the uniqueness of the world of Western Greece welcome you, which together make a shining smile, brightened even further by the warmth of its people. A different side of the country reveals itself and invites you to live unique experiences throughout the year.

So let’s go West… in Greece!

A stroll in history’s direction

Ancient Olympia
In the Panhellenic religious and athletic centre of antiquity, the cradle of the Olympic Ideal and the symbol of the timeless values of bravery, honour, peace and freedom, you will be awestruck as the centuries fall away before your eyes.

“I never saw a place more glorious” writes the Greek national poet when extolling the patriotic valour of the “Free People under Siege”, the people of Messolongi who broke the Turkish siege of the town at the cost of their lives. Today it is a city with traditional colour and the perpetual buzz of intellectual activity. The lagoon, an area of rare natural beauty, is ideal for romantic boat rides and bird watching.

Scintillating cities and sights
The eastern part of Aitoloakarnania features the villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia, where forests of oak, fir, beech, chestnut and plane trees, footpaths along ravines and forest roads attract nature lovers. In Nafpaktos admire the Venetian castle with the beautiful view, while in Aitoliko, the island town, enjoy the romantic sunset. In Agrinio, the largest city of the prefecture as well as its financial and cultural centre, make sure you pay a visit to the Papastrateio Archaeological Museum. In the towns of Vonitsa, Thermo and Astakos, take the opportunity to relax in their traditional sepia-toned atmosphere.

The Rio-Antirio bridge, a strikingly magnificent feat of modern engineering, makes crossing the stretch of water to the prefecture of Achaia an experience in itself. Patra, whose high density of university students make it a hub of youth culture, offers numerous opportunities for entertainment, while its sights are bound to excite the history buffs among you. Finally in Katakolo, the picturesque harbor of Pyrgos, frequented by cruise liners throughout the year, you’ll simply savour its tranquil holiday setting.

Brace yourself for action
Endowed with the copious gifts of nature, Western Greece never fails to come up trumps for bracing outdoor activities. Feel your pulse racing with river rafting and canoe & kayaking. The Acheloos and the Evinos rivers in Aitoloakarnania, the Ladonas River in Achaia and the Alfios in Ilia are ideal for river sports fans.

If you are attracted by the beauty of the mountainside, you are definitely in the right place. The Mountainous Nafpaktia with their rich flora, Mt Arakynthos with the Klisoura Gorge in Aitoloakarnania and the gorges of Vouraikos in Achaia and Neda in Ilia lend themselves to exploration and hiking in fairytale landscapes.

For those who love skiing, the ski centre of Helmos in Kalavryta, is well organized and pitting your best against its challenging, natural slopes is truly a wake-up call for all the senses; an immensely satisfying union of man and nature.

Finally, there is a remarkable range of fresh air pursuits taking place around lake Trihonida, which belongs to the Natura 2000 network due to the rich ecosystems it is home to.

Beaches to dive for and watery fun
Western Greece has the privilege of offering a complete holiday experience as, besides the lush vegetation and the many sights of the mainland, it boasts a long coastline with thousands of inlets and coves. You can choose from a vast selection of sandy or pebbly bays, organized or remote beaches, many of which have been awarded with blue flags.

A land of taste
During your stay in Western Greece, take every opportunity to try the local produce, famed for its quality and taste. The various types of cheese of Amfilohia, the feta of Kalavryta, the roe of Messolongi, the raisins of Aigialia and Ilia, the virgin olive oil of Olympia and the wine of Achaia and Ilia are guaranteed to delight even the most discerning of palates.

Make it westward bound for your holiday!  Where the compass points to unique moments in stunning surroundings!

Tourlida sea lake