Elitsa Lozanova by Elitsa Lozanova

Halkidiki is always a good idea!

I have travelled to Greece many times and I have seen many amazing places but there is always a reason to come back to Halkidiki and to discover new things. With its clear blue waters, exotic views, hospitable taverns and delicious food, Halkidiki is a real mirage and so close to home (I am from Sofia, Bulgaria). I love it so much because of this amazing combination of the green of the land, the white of the rocks and the blue of the sea – the authentic Greek colors! If you love beaches, the Sithonia is your place. If you love Mediterranean food, try the grilled octopus, the Greek zucchini and the olives. And if you need a break, just find a seaside cafe where you can sit, relax and enjoy a white frappe in an unique friendly atmosphere .