Parthenon and Herodium construction in Acropolis Hill

Imagine Plato and Aristotle taking an evening stroll down Areopagitou Street, the pedestrianised walkway in the shadow of the Acropolis.

Quite what they would make of the discussions surrounding them is anyone’s guess. Referendum results and bailout terms would surely feature. But so too would they hear the awe of selfie-taking tourists marvelling at the story of Athens’ ancient monuments.

At the very least, the image is a timely reminder of the continuity that exists between ancient and modern Greece, of the legacy of the democratic principles that Greeks so evidently still hold dear, and of the timeless attraction of the country as an inspiring holiday destination.

Millions of visitors each year return home honourary ambassadors to a country whose tourism product is characterised by sun and sea, but also a beauty and authenticity that keeps them coming back year after year. The integrity of its islands, purity of its products and irresistible passion of its people.

Even within the current difficulties, hotels on both islands and mainland are continuing uninterrupted – perhaps even enhanced because holidaymakers’ loyalty and support are valued more than ever. The only advice is to bring extra cash with you.

Plaka in Athens

The sight of tourists enjoying their holidays is the most uplifting message for all Greeks – and it inspires us at Discover Greece to continue to communicate the best of our country to you: The hidden gems and local secrets that we’re only too happy to let you in on. The experiences that take your visit from simple holiday fun to year-defining family moments. Describing every twist and turn of a country that remains the world’s best storyteller.

And we’re here to share with you the stories you haven’t yet heard.

The Discover Greece team