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Enchanting nature, thrilling tastes, unique hospitality. Blue Palace Resort and Spa welcomes you to Elounda, on a multi-star holiday

Its Venetian walls are visible from the coast and, thanks to film crews, its reputation has crossed the Greek borders. The little island of Spinalonga protected the harbor of Olounda, now modern day Elounda, from the ancient times. In 1579, on the ruins of the old fortress, Venetians built the mighty castle which was to become the refuge of revolutionaries and refugees until it fell into Ottoman hands in 1715.

The last refuge of Hansen’s disease (leprosy) sufferers until 1957, nowadays its walls no longer constrict rather  stretch out in celebration and bask  in the gentle touch of the sun, commanding views of the ultra-luxurious resort of Elounda – a destination which is home to most of the five star hotels in Greece. A few miles away lies Agios Nikolaos with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and charming Vouliagmeni lake (also known as Voulismeni). Local legends describe the lake as bottomless and ancient myths regal all-comers with tales of goddesses Artemis and Athena bathing there…

Luxurious Blue Palace Resort & Spa nestles in the embrace of the generous nature of Elounda, with the azure water, next to the picturesque fishing village of Plaka. Your own ideal retreat in one of the most enthralling corners of Crete and the Mediterranean. Built right on the sea, with exquisite charm, style and architecture, it offers unique experiences. A fishing boat ride at sunset along the Elounda coast and around Spinalonga. Private dinner with a gourmet menu on the beach or in your villa. Therapeutic massage in your suite or the dreamy facilities of the Elounda Spa & Thalassotherapy with its pools, hammam and Jacuzzis. Savoring the best local wines in special tasting sessions. Afternoons sipping tea of subtle flavours scented with herbs, accompanied by delicious cakes and delicacies made with the fresh produce of the Cretan land.

A special collection of experiences combining authenticity, romance and luxury. Your very own private collection, a gift for every moment of your holiday presented by Blue Palace Resort & Spa and the heavenly setting of Crete.