Pebbles stack balance over blue ionian sea

Greece as a canvas to paint your holiday dreams upon

Greece as a canvas to paint your holiday dreams upon. If you think blue is just a colour, then think again. In Greece, blue is the world you step into as you step off the plane or boat, the feeling of sheer exhilaration, freedom and infinite possibilities as the magnificence of your surroundings and the warmth of the people begin to sink in.

Blue is the cloudless skies, the huge expanse of deep, yet still inviting, seas; the irascible foaming blue crashing against the rocks below the temple of Sounion or the famed iridescence of Ionian shores. It is the traditional dwellings and churches clustered on craggy island coastlines, the quaint picturesque harbours and secluded bays with enchantingly tatty old fishing boats, each with a thousand fisherman’s tales engrained in their flaking paintwork. It is the confidence of the young as they cavort about on beaches and play all manner  of watersports, and of the old, who carry that look of weathered knowingness as they go about their village business.

So cast your eyes skywards and feel your senses crackle, spin and soar with the energy of thousands of years of history and cultural heritage. Then prepare yourself to be inspired by this majestic blue canvas to paint your own holiday dreams and discover Greece in your own unique way. 

Celestyal Cruises and Blue Star Ferries are masters of the Big Blue and invite you on journeys where past and present merge as one in an azure paradise of ancient ruins clinging to rugged clifftops and dolphins leaping the waves in tandem with passing ships. While Bluegr will usher you to the blue of the dawn and the awakening of the spirit and creativity, reinvigorating body and mind through a cornucopia of delightful tastes, sights and aromas to bring you into perfect harmony with your cerulean backdrop.

a blue like no other

The sky really is the limit. But above all, the Greek blue is an inimitable thrilling blue which sets visitors on a course to self-discovery and, on the way, embracing the adventure, luxury and utter delight that is Greece.